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Rivervettes of Columbia

In Loving Memory
We morn the loss of our Ms. Addie Louise Richmond
on behalf of our VP - Shon Trezevant and Sam Trezevant.

The flower to the right are in her memory from the Rivervettes Family.

The Rivervettes of Clumbia
welcomes our newest member

Mr. Kevin Copper
He is a proud owner of a 2024 Corvette Stingray
The Rivervettes Corvette Club of Columbia is a dynamic Corvette club, though small in size, we pack a punch. Our passion lies in cruising, dining out, and attending Corvette events throughout South Carolina.

We actively engage with our community through various initiatives such as school supply drives, clothing collections, Christmas giveaways, and car meets aimed at raising awareness for important causes.

At the helm of our club is Mrs. Lorraine Trezevant, our dedicated president. She commands a 2019 C7 Red Grand Sport with a custom interior that turns heads wherever it goes.

Supporting her is our Vice President, Mrs. Shondilyn Trezevant, who proudly drives a Yellow C7 Corvette with striking black stripes affectionately known as the Bumble Bee.
Proud sponsor of 
The Exclusive Car, Truck, & Jeep Show
The Rivervettes of Columbia is a Proud sponsor of The Exclusive, Car, Truck and Jeep Show.  The Goal is to collect 5000 Toys or Articles of New Clothes. Visit www.puusa.org for more information.

This event will be live on the BTrez Network ( www.btrez.com)

Lorraine Butler


Lorraine "Raine" is the proud owner of a 2019 Red Grand Sport. She is one of the founding members of The Rivervettes of Columbia. She is our president.

Bruce A. Trezevant

Information Officer

Bruce is the proud owner of a Malibu Red 2016 (C7) Corvette Stingray. He manages all of our communitcations.

Samuel Trezevant

The Enforcer

Samuel is a founding member. He is the proud owner of a Yellow 2016 Corvette Sting ray. Sam is acutally one of our recruiters.

Dennis Trezevant

Cheif Recruiter

Dennis is a foundeing member and is the proud owner of a 2018 White Corvette Sting ray. Dennis is our chief recruiter.

Greg Wells

Greg is the proud owner of a White Z06


NKemo is the proud owner of a White C-7


Ben is the proud owner of a Blue C-6 Stingray

Dene Williams

Dene is the proud owner of a White C-5


Carlos is the proud owner of a Black C6


James is the proud owner of a Burgandy C8 Stingray

Kevin Cooper

Latest member

Kevin is our newest member and is the proud owner of at new 2024 Black Corvette Stingray

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